I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

 I guess I wasn’t kidding when I said in this post about how inspired I was by all the awesome DIY projects floating around on the blogosphere.

I had such a productive weekend full of organizing and tackling tasks I had been putting off.  Isn’t it just the best when you have that driving force to get things done?!

It all started with this boring, empty space above my bed:


 A big issue I’ve had with my bedroom is the lack of color.  My walls are a lovely light gray [looks darker in the photo], my carpet is a beige and the majority of my bedroom furniture is white.  That’s a lot of neutrals!  My bedroom has been left undecorated while I was busy decorating the other areas of my house.

I thought if I put a floating shelf above my bed, that would give me a place to add pops of color through picture frames, faux flowers, etc. I started Saturday morning with drill in hand, but as I maneuvered the shelf around to find the best spot for it, I realized it didn’t fit the space at all.  I chose a birch shelf since I had another piece of birch furniture in the room, but it didn’t look right.  Not to mention the shelf was not nearly long enough to look cohesive with the headboard.  Okay, so no shelf above the bed.  I breathed a sigh of relief – I wasn’t going to have to worry about dry wall dust getting all over my bed, yay!

I had another idea for the space.

A couple of months ago, I had found some lovely, ornate frames on clearance and decided I would make wall art out of them, similar to this:


I had already painted them white, pale blue, pale yellow and silver to match my space.  I started brainstorming which layout looked best and decided on the last one:

picstitch copy

 I didn’t want the three matching frames [painted different colors] to be next to each other because I thought they made the layout look a bit lopsided.  I like what I ended up with, although I think I might keep my eyes peeled for a couple more frames to add to the collection.

I have also been debating about repainting the blue frames a teal color.  The baby blue is a really pretty color, but I don’t think it’s quite me.  I’m worried if I roll with it, I’ll end up with a bedroom that doesn’t quite feel like my own.  I would paint it a similar color to my sheets [below], but a bit more muted to go with the pale yellow.

Oh well, one nice thing about these frames is that I can just spray paint them whenever I’m tired of the colors.


[I apologize for the horrendous quality of these photos.  It was sweltering in my room this weekend so I kept my blackout shades closed which gave me really odd lighting.  I'm sure using my iPad mini to snap the photos didn't help either..]

All in all, I’m happy to have something in that space above my bed.  It’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting there.

So what did I end up doing with that floating shelf?

I was already planning on putting a shelf just like that in my office/studio on another bare wall, so I went ahead and did it!  I think it looks great!  The space looks so much more put together and homie homey.

Originally I planned to put my magazine holders, files, etc on the shelf but the weight limit had me a bit worried so I decided to go the decorative route.  I gathered these decorative pieces off of the shelving unit across the room and voila: instant decorative shelf!


 The lettered canvas in the middle says “live the life you have imagined.”

Rearranging these pieces made room for me to store my office file folders on top of my shelving unit instead of inside of it:


Naturally, this gave me the itch to completely reorganize the inside of the shelving unit.  Once the organizing and purging was said and done, I had three newly emptied shelves!

photo copy

I was able to dedicate one shelf for each of the following:  extra office supplies, frequently used crafting supplies, stationary and supplies for my Etsy business.  The lower shelves aren’t visible in the photo, but they are storing my huge CD collection [that I need to go through] and my lap top case.  Note: incase it’s not fully visible, this unit has doors.

Along with those three projects, I also:

- Cleaned out my utility closet

- Cleaned out my pantry [and threw away expired food]

- Threw out all my old plastic food containers and replaced them with glass ones

- Completely cleaned out and relabeled my closet

- Took two trash bags full of old clothes to Goodwill

- Acquired a heaping pile of items from my closet to sell on eBay

- Did some minor rearranging underneath my bathroom cabinets

- Played around with my new Silhouette Cameo [!!] and made some fun things [I will write a new post for this]

Needless to say this weekend was amazingly productive for me.  It was so nice to get home from work yesterday to a neat and organized space.

What did you do this past weekend?  How do you find inspiration to decorate and organize?

2 thoughts on “Inspired to Decorate and Organize!

  1. Can’t wait to see the post about the Cameo! And the shelf looks great in the den – nothing better than stumbling on to a perfect solution. Also, I’m jealous that you know how to use powertools like it’s NBD. Maybe share in a small post on how you made sure the holes were straight, the setting you used on the drill, best way to clean up the dust (or ways that didn’t work)? I may be needing that advice soon!

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